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Net Zero by SCAPE

Buildings in use

Using and maintaining buildings effectively is critical to ensure emissions are kept low and the environment is protected.

Decarbonisation is a long-term commitment that can deliver energy efficiency through innovative design.

Net zero in practice

Up to a third of a building's carbon emissions come from its operation and maintenance.

The emissions from the use and maintenance of your buildings also have an impact on the environment - these are called your operational carbon emissions.

Our post-occupancy evaluation can help you to meet targets for energy use applying the principles of soft landings and zero defects as standard, to keep emissions down.

Our Consultancy and Construction frameworks are ready to deliver buildings that are net zero ready.

In addition, our in-house specialists at Lungfish Architects can create designs that bring your ambitions to life.

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Sources of operational carbon

Emissions from energy generation and consumption fall into broad categories:

  • Regulated energy use linked to building systems that have minimum standards
  • Unregulated energy use lined to users of the building and appliances plugged into electrical sockets
  • Emissions from water use covering consumption and waste
  • Emissions from products and materials during use such as refrigerants, paints and carpets
  • Facilities management emissions including cleaning, repair and replacement of components and refurbishment activity.
  • Module B1 - In Use Emissions (direct from products/systems)
  • Module B2: Maintenance emissions
  • Modules B3 & B4: Repair and replacement emissions
  • Module B5: Refurbishment emissions
  • Module B6 & B7: Operational energy and water use

Getting started

We can help you to create an in-use strategy for your buildings and work with you to identify what you should include.

This is part of our free feasibility study, which brings together the contractors you need, at the earliest opportunity. Your Facilities Management (FM) team and end users live with the day-to-day operational costs and benefits of your building, and can help maximise its design.

Your BIM data can help with your building's product and system maintenance requirements. ISO19650 (information management) requirements are embedded as standard within our frameworks.

Whether you need a consultant or a contractor-led design approach, we bring together the experts you need.

  • Free feasibility study
  • Energy efficient design
  • ISO19650 compliant
  • A carbon literate design team

Start your net zero journey

Our teams are ready to support your transition to net zero.

To discuss the next steps, please get in touch.