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Net Zero by SCAPE

Decarbonising your estate

Retrofit solutions can reduce the carbon footprint of your commercial and civic buildings.

There are 23,000 publicly-owned buildings in Scotland, collectively generating a large amount of operational carbon every year.

Retrofit your portfolio

Government targets identify a 50% reduction in operational carbon from non-residential public sector property by 2030 compared to 2017 levels.

This can be delivered by improving the energy efficiency of your portfolio.

Rising energy prices mean efficiency improvements and onsite renewable generation can offer significant cost savings.

In this section, you can discover the steps in a commercial retrofit process which will help to decarbonise your estate.

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The stages of retrofit

How retrofit works

The retrofit process is supported by a new industry standard working method defined by PAS 2038 (2021): Retrofitting non-domestic buildings for improved energy efficiency.

The first steps are assembling your project team, assessing your building and setting initial performance targets.

We can support you to develop a delivery plan and help you to access appropriate funding.

Our unique LifeCycle delivery approach can ensure targets are met and outcomes are evaluated.

  • PAS 2038
  • Project team assembly
  • Building assessment
  • Performance targets

Getting started

The financial and carbon reduction benefits of retrofit projects mean they can be financed on an invest to save basis.

Key risks linked to the “buildability” of your project can affect the strength of your business case.

During the assessment stage, we can help you to deliver:

A baseline energy use profile of the building informed by metering and usage

Professional building surveys
with the evaluation with the evaluation of project delivery risks such as asbestos and structural integrity.

This information helps you to develop options for investment, and identify priorities for energy efficiency improvement.

  • Instant access to professional resources through our consultancy frameworks
  • Complete your retrofit assessment, develop a business case and source funding
  • Access should cost pricing, manage risks of overspend and delayed delivery by accessing free early contractor input through our construction frameworks
  • Scottish Green Public Sector Estate Decarbonisation Scheme


You can access a turnkey design and build solution for retrofit delivery through the innovative Lifecycle call off approach, within our Construction frameworks.

This addresses the risk of a performance gap between design and delivery, by making your energy performance targets contractual.

Our LifeCycle approach can provide you with a partner for post-occupancy evaluation and monitoring for up to five years and this also helps you to spread the cost of improvements.

  • Contractor-led design of energy efficiency measures, with energy performance targets set during preconstruction
  • Low carbon construction for retrofit works with seasonal commissioning and testing
  • Flexible post-construction Lifecycle service for up to five years covers performance measurement, verification, systems optimisation and servicing
  • Energy efficiency savings delivered and return on investment proven.
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