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Net Zero by SCAPE

Moving to Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Creating the infrastructure for electric vehicles by deploying charging points and supporting community adoption is essential to achieving your net zero targets.

In the UK, petrol and diesel cars account for more than a third of our transport carbon emissions.

Taking charge of EV

Decarbonising our transport system has a vital role in achieving net zero and from 2030, all sales of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned.

This means the manufacture, sale and uptake of plug-in, low emission electric vehicles is a vital step towards carbon neutrality.

As well as the vehicles themselves, making sure we have the right infrastructure to enable efficient charging is critical - and ten times as much charging capacity is needed to meet projected demand by 2030.

To enable this and support the transition, a challenging programme for roll out is required, alongside a cultural and behavioural shift in favour of low-emission vehicles.

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Cleaner communities

The increased use of EVs brings with it a range of environmental, economic benefits as well as creating healthier, cleaner communities.

As well as minimising environmental damage, their use also improves air quality and reduces noise pollution, both of which lead to improved health and wellbeing for everyone.

If consistent charging and use is in place, EVs can contribute to optimising our national electricity network, helping it to operate more efficiently and supporting the integration of more small and large-scale renewable energy systems.

  • Air quality
  • Cutting emissions
  • Supporting a smart electricity grid

Funding initiatives

The Scottish Government has a range of funding available, including The Low Carbon Transport Loan (also known as the Electric Vehicle Loan) an interest-free loan with a repayment period of up to 6 years and The Domestic Charge Point Funding.

Find out more about the funding opportunities here.

  • Low Carbon Transport Loan
  • Domestic Charge Point Funding

Charging facilities

To enable local deployment, we can help you identify opportunities for, and support the delivery of, the appropriate EV charging infrastructure.

  • Supporting the development of local, place-based EV adoption strategies
  • Supporting project business cases and technical project management and design through our infrastructure consultancy
  • Delivering infrastructure projects through our Civil Engineering framework

Start your net zero journey

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