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Net Zero by SCAPE

Net zero new build

The RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge calls for rapid action; to design all new buildings to net zero standards by 2025, and to build them consistently by 2030.

Our Construction and Consultancy frameworks have been designed to help you to deliver net zero new buildings, now.

Net Zero... Now

The RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge goals urge rapid action, to design all new buildings to net zero standards by 2025, and build them consistently by 2030.

The SCAPE Scotland Construction and Consultancy frameworks have been procured in readiness for clients who aspire to deliver net zero new build, now.

In this section we introduce net zero buildings as a concept, identify how we work towards net zero in our projects and how our frameworks make it easy to reach your sustainability standards for new build projects.

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Designing and constructing net zero buildings 1
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UKGBC Net Zero: Definition

In line with the Net Zero Public Buildings Standard, we use the UK Green Building Council’s Framework Definition for net zero buildings.

Simply, a net zero building addresses emissions from two sources:

Net zero embodied carbon - where total carbon emissions from construction processes and activity, as well as maintenance and end of life management are equal to or less than zero.

Net zero in operation - where total carbon emissions from energy use in the building are equal to or less than zero.

Accredited offsetting of emissions to achieve net zero is a recognised part of the UKGBC's framework, but only where suitable efforts have been made to reduce carbon from the above sources first.

A whole life carbon assessment should be used, following the RICS methodology and managed throughout the project lifecycle.

We have selected our Construction and Consultancy delivery partners to ensure they are carbon literate and able to support your project.

  • Two sources of emissions
  • Embodied carbon
  • Operational carbon
  • Standard lifecycle measurement approach
  • Accredited offsetting only when necessary

Net zero design

Getting closer to net zero starts with your own ambition.

If you have a local Climate Emergency strategy that sets a net zero target, removing carbon emissions from your buildings and through your construction projects can make a significant impact.

The right targets and project strategies are also key to achieving your aspirations. Our Recommended Project Standards are a great place to start in setting expected building performance outcomes and lifecycle carbon targets.

Mirroring this approach, the Scottish Government will publish building performance targets linked to the Net Zero Public Building Standard, which will provide the framework for designing accredited net zero buildings in Scotland.

Teams that have experience in delivery of net zero design are also essential to the process.

Early engagement with contractors and suppliers can help to design out carbon wastage. With most of the embodied carbon in buildings in the foundation and structural elements, early consideration is crucial.

The principles of “fabric first” and having an effective strategy for power and heat can also help to deliver operational net zero, limiting energy use by design.

  • Set project targets for embodied carbon and energy performance
  • Adopt 'fabric first' and an effective services strategy to deliver operational net zero
  • Knowledge of materials and methods is critical for net zero embodied carbon
  • Early contractor involvement is key
  • Procure a design team that have experience in net zero design

By your side

Our public sector construction frameworks represent the best in the market for delivery of net zero outcomes.

We seek the capability to enable net zero design and build now, accelerating the transition you need.

Our contractual mechanisms and call off processes support your net zero ambition, and our framework management advice will help you get the best project outcomes.

However, our work doesn’t stop with procurement.

We provide active performance management, benchmarking and will support you from concept to delivery.

  • PPN 06/21 compliant (Carbon Reduction Plans)
  • Aligned with PAS 2080 (Carbon Management in Infrastructure Projects)
  • Free feasibility process, delivering benefits of early contractor involvement and collaboration
  • Life Cycle call off approach makes building performance targets contractual (aligned to Net Zero Public Building Standards)
  • Embodied carbon benchmarking
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Start your net zero journey

Our teams are ready to support your transition to net zero.

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