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Net Zero by SCAPE

Financing net zero

Your net zero places strategy requires a strong business case to ensure you have the right funding and processes in place to make change happen.

The place transition will need public and private funding, and with our support, this process can be made simpler.

Getting started

Before you begin, certain processes need to be in place to ensure you are investment ready.

This includes identifying available funding and understanding the scope for decarbonising your estate.

You also need robust policy, governance and mechanisms for delivery in place - or readily available.

Through our dedicated Consultancy and Place Shaping frameworks, we can help you to develop, implement and review these requirements as needed.

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The fundamentals

Your carbon strategy sits within your overarching sustainability strategy and should complement your existing processes.

Having the right procurement structures in place will also enable you to commission projects at speed, once your business case has been approved.

  • Overarching sustainability strategy
  • Carbon commitments
  • Procurement structures


A diverse range of funding streams exist to support you, from targeted public sector investment to national public-private investment opportunities.

The Scottish Green Public Sector Estates Decarbonisation Scheme

The Scottish Government has set out a planned investment of £95m to help public bodies fulfil their duties under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 and help meet climate change targets.

This funding is available as a combination of capital grants and energy efficiency loans (which are administered by Salix Scotland).

With most funding, timelines can be tight, so it is important that elements such as asset viability are assessed up-front to gauge relevant technologies and agree the approach, as well as to set realistic baselines for performance measurement.

  • Funding stream research
  • Asset viability reports
  • Set realistic performance targets

Delivery and outcomes

As you enact your place-based strategy, identifying mechanisms for the governance and practical delivery which manage, measure and demonstrate outcomes linked to your funding criteria are important.

This can be made quicker, easier and more efficient through the use of net zero frameworks, where a team of carbon-literate contractors is assembled and performance managed to ensure your decarbonisation targets are realised throughout delivery.

  • Programme management
  • Steps to implement new technologies
  • Carbon-literate delivery team
  • Clearly defined KPIs
  • Strategy for operation and maintenance
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How can McLaughlin & Harvey help you achieve net zero on your construction projects?

McLaughlin & Harvey is just one of our partners committed to supporting a carbon economy and achieving net zero by 2030.

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