How can McLaughlin & Harvey help you achieve net zero on your construction projects?

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The emerging accreditation standards for net zero in Scotland, including the Net Zero Public Building Standard, requires a rapid response from the public sector. McLaughlin & Harvey is just one of our delivery partners committed to supporting a carbon economy and achieving net zero by 2030.

McLaughlin & Harvey reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability and net zero by joining the UKGBC and implementing its Carbon Management Strategy. The document sets out the partner’s net zero pathway through governance and process, investment, energy and managed emissions reduction and reporting.

At SCAPE, we are delighted to see the work McLaughlin & Harvey is doing to help achieve Net Zero through their Carbon Management Strategy. We’re committed to protecting the environment through sustainable best practice and through working with partners that share the same ethos, we can unite to deliver sustainable projects and create healthier, safer, and more resilient communities.

The Carbon Management Strategy

As part of the Carbon Management Strategy, McLaughlin & Harvey has recognised that achieving net zero by 2030 is a business-wide responsibility, from its Board of Directors to pre-construction and project delivery and supply chain.

Within the strategy, our partner has set out a key list of objectives to reach including

  • Drive Low Carbon UK Economy
  • Net Zero by 2030
  • Investment in new technologies or research opportunities
  • Reduced emissions across all scopes
  • Support transparent industry reporting to improve use of carbon data

The team has also pledged to support academic research of new greener energy solutions whilst mitigating our absolute emissions by investing in projects which sequester carbon and improve biodiversity.

Net Zero - Life Cycle Delivery Guide

Our delivery guide presents our Life Cycle procurement solution, the UK’s first framework procurement solution tailored to support delivery and accreditation of net zero buildings. Covering new build and refurbishment projects, our guide demonstrates how SCAPE Scotland’s construction frameworks enable simple compliance with the Net Zero Public Building Standard in Scotland - from strategy to in-use performance verification.

The guide has been produced in collaboration with some of the largest contractors operating in Scotland including McLaughlin & Harvey, Kier and Morgan Sindall.