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Civil Engineering

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25 September 2021

Balfour Beatty

SCAPE Civil Engineering is designed to ensure that your privately funded projects are delivered to the highest possible standard.

For projects commissioned by local authority owned private companies, charitable bodies, joint venture (JV) partnerships and special purpose vehicles with projects that are privately financed, this framework will ensure that your essential infrastructure projects are delivered at pace, whilst leaving a sustainable legacy for the community.

Balfour Beatty lead this framework and have a rich heritage in ensuring that communities are connected, protected and have access to roads and highways that are fit for the future.

Their teams have an extensive knowledge of the local landscape, they are committed to exposing every potential opportunity to create community enrichment, value for money and significant local economic gains as a part of project delivery.

Your project will also be delivered using the skills of a talented local supply chain, so you can be sure that the money you spend in the local economy, benefits the local economy.

And we’ll be will be right with you - as part of your team – exploring how to best deliver your project and ensuring that your local delivery team delivers exactly what you need.

Together, we can build great things.

One of our main aims is to develop a world-class sporting system in Scotland and that’s been going on for a number of years now. The Regional Performance Centre in Dundee is a piece of that jigsaw.

Graham Finnie
Lead Manager of Facilities | Sport Scotland

Services delivered via the framework

  • Infrastructure works
  • Engineering works
  • Highways & Bridges
  • Structures & Defences
  • Public Space
  • Buildability
  • Project management
  • Site investigations
  • Site surveys
  • Value engineering
  • Site logistics and planning
  • Health & safety management

Why choose SCAPE Scotland?

Digitally enabled

To give you the very best procurement experience, you have access to the following platforms:

An electronic signature and legal document exchange service that makes completing and signing your templates and legal documents easier than ever before. Whilst capturing the essential terms of your contract in a compliant way, DocuSign also speeds up the process between us, you and your chosen delivery partner.

A fully functional, safe and secure extranet that gives you complete control over your project documents in a digital workspace dedicated to your organisation. Gaining access to the tools and advice you need is now faster than ever, giving you peace of mind that when you need support, it’s right there in the palm of your hand.

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Your team

To help deliver your projects to the highest standard and create the best outcomes for everyone, when you need advice, we’re here to help. At any stage of your project, our specialist teams are here to help you with:

  • Responsible and compliant procurement
  • Strategic advice
  • Delivery partner coordination, performance and management
  • Project performance and social value
  • Project risk and legal support
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01 Before you start

We’ll help you to explore your project requirements and help you to identify the framework options available to you, to achieve the very best possible outcomes.

To use any of our direct award frameworks, a simple form called an Access Agreement is required. It only needs to be signed once, it carries no cost or commitment, and allows you to use any of our current or future frameworks.

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02 Inception

At this point, we’ll be with you as you start to build a relationship with Balfour Beatty.

We’ll help you to understand the SCAPE process and we’ll be with you every step of the way, to give you any advice or training that you need and to get your project started with confidence.

03 Feasibility

Balfour Beatty will work closely with you and your team, holding in depth discussions and workshops to make sure they fully understand your project aspirations, including timescales and budget.

We’ll also be with you at every step of the way, ready to give you guidance or support throughout this process.

The information collected from these discussions will be collated into your free feasibility study.

04 Preconstruction

At this stage, you’ll be ready to enter into an agreement with Balfour Beatty. This will set out the defined services to complete the pre-construction phase.

At the end of this process, you’ll receive a 100% market tested cost plan, including a fully identified local supply chain.

05 Construction

When you are ready to move to the construction phase, you’ll enter into a Delivery Agreement which will formalise your partnership with Balfour Beatty.

Our teams will continue to be on hand to support you throughout the delivery of your project, monitoring performance and together we’ll ensure that your project is delivered to the highest possible standard.

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We're ready to help you deliver speed, efficiency and value. To use any of our frameworks, a simple form called an Access Agreement needs to be signed. Or you can contact us if you need more support

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We can support you at every stage of your procure journey, from finding a framework to our access agreements or viewing our live procurement projects.

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Regional Contact - Scotland

Angela Gray

Business Manager, SCAPE Scotland
07973 622 478

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