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Predict, Plan and Prevent Construction Waste

Construction Waste Portal

An intelligent marketplace that fights for the future.

We believe every project can be delivered with better environmental and economic outcomes through improved resource coordination. The Construction Waste Portal forms part of our response to this ambition.

Through crowd sourcing technology, we seek to engage with and inspire construction and resource management companies, to provide a better way to predict, manage, minimise and re-purpose construction waste.

Together, we can unlock the value of your procurement and take huge steps towards reducing the climate impact of your projects.

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A portal to the future of procurement

We are proud to announce the acquisition of the Construction Waste Portal, an innovative and highly disruptive waste management platform.

Imagine putting our industry’s £1.4bn annual overspend on waste back into our economy whilst that precious resource is re-purposed. Plus, we’re facing an urgent climate crisis. It should be an industry-wide goal to continually find ways to cut back our carbon footprint.

With the construction sector currently accounting for around 60 million tonnes of waste annually – around two thirds of the UK’s total output - this new addition to our suite of value added systems will deliver significant carbon savings and accelerate the progress our public sector colleagues can make in pursuit of their net zero targets.

Through this innovative portal we can drive a marked reduction in waste and carbon emissions, as well as reduce the overall cost of waste in pursuit of a more circular, low carbon economy.

I'm thrilled to welcome John Logan to our team and we’re looking forward to working closely together with industry to help our public sector colleagues to build back greener.

Mark Robinson
group chief executive

How it works

Creating value

As construction procurement professionals, we’ve all observed projects that lose time and value with poor waste forecasting and management practices.

We decided to do something about it.

By more accurately predicting site waste, we can start working to reduce it, and then to prevent it.

  • Respond to the climate crisis
  • Crowd sourced intervention
  • Improved economic performance
  • Predictive analytics

Waste reduction 2.0

The Construction Waste Portal collects data from industry partners and uses algorithms to improve material use.

We provide a platform that facilitates tracking of waste and its embodied carbon – estimates, actuals and targets.

​By connecting waste producers to waste managers, we make it easier for the construction sector and public procurement professionals to maximise resource efficiency in ways that are not being done anywhere else.

  • Tracking waste
  • Monitor embodied carbon
  • Maximise resource efficiency
  • Deliver more for less

A lasting legacy

The more waste stream information we collect, analyse and share, the greater impact we will have in reducing the sector’s resource and carbon footprint.

​Using our knowledge and systems we help others in the industry to better plan and manage waste, making a significant, aggregated impact on finite resource use and embodied carbon.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • An industry wide response
  • Build back greener
  • Increased taxpayer value

Start reducing waste

To learn more about the methodology, to request a demonstration, or if you have any questions about how we can help reduce the carbon footprint of your projects, please visit our portal or get in touch.