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For the public sector

Direct award frameworks that deliver more than just projects

Procurement with purpose

Direct award frameworks that are designed to deliver your essential projects to the highest possible standard.

Our suite of actively managed construction, consultancy, civil engineering and utilities frameworks are designed to inject speed, confidence and certainty into project delivery.

As local government representatives, we define success in the same way as you. For us, compliance, taxpayer value, sustainable delivery, community cohesion and local economic impact are just as important as time, cost and quality.

Your projects will be delivered by the very best talent in the industry.

And they will ensure that project delivery will sit at the heart of your community, so you can be sure that the money you invest locally, stays there.

And our teams will be right with you, at every step of the way, making sure that your success criteria are met and that together, we create the very best results, for you and your community.

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Our delivery partners

Our frameworks

Select a framework category to meet your delivery team and learn how we can accelerate the potential of your projects.

Tell us about your project

Our new Framework Finder will help you to find the team you need, with speed.

Our approach


As public sector procurement professionals, we've walked in your shoes and fully understand the challenges you face.

Whatever you seek to achieve for your community, our teams are on hand to help you.

Whether you need project advice, contracts training or guidance in navigating the politics of procurement, we're here to give you the support you need, when you need it.

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We offer the fastest route to market for your project.

Each delivery partner has demonstrated that they have the capacity, capability and local presence to deliver your vision.

Our collaborative framework approach also enables early contractor involvement, giving you the very best practical advice, ensuring that all of your project aspirations are planned in and systematically delivered.

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Our performance management team actively monitors every aspect of your project, from time and cost certainty through to local economic impact and key sustainability measures.

Your project will be performance managed from the moment it starts on site, to the moment you receive the keys.

We aim to give you full visibility and confidence that your project is in safe hands at every stage of delivery.

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Ensuring regulatory compliance is fundamental to project delivery.

Our framework management, governance and audit processes are designed to give you the confidence that your project will remain fully compliant with all relevant regulations.

Having never been subject to a legal challenge, we"ll ensure your project is delivered to the letter of the law.

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How it works

01 Before you start

We’ll help you to explore your project requirements and help you to identify the framework options available to you.

To use any of our frameworks, a simple form called an Access Agreement is required. It only needs to be signed once, it carries no cost or commitment, and allows you to use any of our current or future frameworks.

Access Agreement

02 Inception

We’ll be with you as you start to build a relationship with your delivery team.

We’ll help you to understand the SCAPE process and we’ll be there to give you any advice or training that you need, to get your project started with confidence.

Client support

03 Feasibility

Your delivery team will work closely with you, holding in depth discussions and workshops to make sure they fully understand your project aspirations, including timescales and budget.

We’ll also be ready to give you guidance or support throughout this process.

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04 Preconstruction

At this stage, you’ll be ready to enter into an agreement with your delivery partner. This will set out the defined services to complete the pre-construction phase.

At the end of this process, you’ll receive a 100% market tested cost plan, including a fully identified local supply chain.

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05 Project Delivery

When you are ready to move to the next phase, you’ll enter into a Delivery Agreement which will formalise your partnership with your delivery partner.

Our teams will continue to support you throughout the delivery of your project, monitoring performance and together we’ll ensure that your project is delivered to the highest possible standard.

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It takes a team to make things happen

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Get your project started

We’re ready to help you deliver all of your project aspirations. Simply request an Access Agreement or if you'd like to have a conversation, please get in touch.

We'd be delighted to help.

Your framework toolkit

We can support you at every stage of your procure journey, from finding a framework to our access agreements or viewing our live procurement projects.

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Live Procurement Portal

Keep up to date with our live and upcoming procurement activities, attend a forthcoming market awareness event and download important documents here.

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Regional Contact - Scotland

Angela Gray

Business Manager, SCAPE Scotland
07973 622 478

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