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Easily embed BIM into your construction procurement

Simple, safe, sustainable access to BIM

Embedding Building Information Mangement (BIM) into your construction procurement doesn't need to be a challenge.

We're making it simple for you to access BIM and make sure your construction procurement complies with the Building Safety Act and is aligned to the principles of the construction playbook.

Discover the BIM pathways, now available in our construction framework.

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What is BIM?

Building Information Management (BIM) is a collaborative process in digital construction that helps create and manage the information on construction projects.

Drive efficiencies, and align to the Construction Playbook and Building Safety Act with BIM pathways now embedded into our construction frameworks.

Why BIM?

Using BIM in construction reduces risks, improves programme and cost predictability, as well as enabling compliance, cutting carbon, and delivering operational efficiency.

We offer a solution that meets the requirements of the ISO 19650-2 standard.


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