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CPV Codes

CPV Codes in Contract Notice - 2020/S 193-467830 AND 2020/S 193-467831
70110000Development services of real estate
70111000Development of residential real estate
70112000Development of non residential real estate
70120000Buying and selling of real estate
70130000Letting services of own property
70210000Residential property renting or leasing services
70220000Non-residential property renting or leasing services
70310000Building rental or sales services
70321000Land rental or sale services
70330000Property management services of real estate on a fee or contract basis
71000000Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services
71210000Advisory architectural services
71220000Architectural design services
71230000Organisation of architectural design contests
71240000Architectural, engineering and planning services
71250000Architectural, engineering and surveying services
71310000Consultative engineering and construction services
71311000Civil engineering consultancy services
71311200Transport systems consultancy services
71312000Structural engineering consultancy services
71315300Building surveying services
71320000Engineering design services
71321100Construction economic services
71324000Quantity surveying services
71330000Miscellaneous engineering services
71340000Integrated engineering services
71350000Engineering related scientific and technical services
71410000Urban planning services
71420000Landscape architectural services
71510000Site investigation services
71520000Construction supervision services
71530000Construction consultancy services
71540000Construction management services
71541000Construction project management services
71610000Composition and purity testing and analysis services
71620000Analysis services
71700000Monitoring and control services
79112100Stakeholder representation services
90490000Sewer survey and sewage treatment consultancy
90710000Environmental management
90712000Environmental planning
90713000Environmental issues consultancy services

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