Introducing Arc Partnership

This unique collaboration has been designed to deliver efficient built environment projects across the Nottinghamshire region and the wider public sector.

The remit of Arc Partnership is property design, project management, planned and reactive maintenance services, with expertise spanning the entire public estate. Over 70 employees from Nottinghamshire County Council have joined Arc Partnership.

75% of the projects in the pipeline with Nottinghamshire County Council are schools’ projects, which is where Arc Partnership will focus its efforts initially; however, in years two and three this will expand to support the wider public estate. Arc also plans to grow its geographical remit beyond Nottinghamshire to the East Midlands.

This is an exclusive 10-year service contract, with the potential for a five-year extension. Over the first three years, projects totalling approximately £90 million in value will be delivered through Arc, with £20 million estimated for each of the remaining seven years..

Arc Partnership will take on a portfolio of approximately 200 existing Nottinghamshire County Council built environment projects, with hundreds expected to be delivered over the next 10 years.

These range from the design, development and delivery of new schools and public buildings, to school extensions, refurbishments and planned maintenance contracts, constructed with the support of the SCAPE Procure suite of frameworks.

Arc Partnership is an innovative approach, harnessing the talent of the highly skilled design and project management team at Nottinghamshire County Council, with SCAPE’s unique procurement processes and frameworks that drive efficiencies and social value in the built environment.

The joint venture company has three elements:

  • Design and project management: an extensive mix of in-house multi-disciplinary design and project management services
  • Construction services: a directly employed, mobile contracting and hard facilities management services team
  • Procurement: the ability to procure works and services on behalf of its clients as well as being able to offer a full suite of national and regional frameworks and supply chain management services.

Mark Robinson, SCAPE Chief Executive commented, "

“In these times of austerity, councils are looking at increasingly innovative business models to draw efficiencies and socioeconomic value from the public purse and this includes the formation of new companies. Arc Partnership is a prime example, which combine the diverse and focused skills that have been developed internally at the authority with the most efficient and effective working practices we have developed at SCAPE

“Nottinghamshire County Council has a highly skilled and passionate property team, with over 1,200 projects being delivered since 1996. The team at SCAPE has 10 years of experience delivering excellence through our frameworks, which help our public sector clients secure value for money and stimulate local economic growth.

For us, this is a fusion of talent and expertise that will deliver exemplary, collaborative outcomes for public sector bodies and for communities across the region.

“Arc Partnership is a first for us, but it is the start of a journey. As the public sector continues to evolve we will explore new partnerships and opportunities to support other public sector organisations.”

Councillor David Kirkham, Chairman of the Finance and Property Committee at Nottinghamshire County Council, said:

"The launch of the Arc Partnership marks a new and exciting chapter in the way in which the County Council delivers property repairs, maintenance and the future design and build of major public buildings in our county.This is one of a number of Council services we are now delivering in different ways.

It brings together the expertise and public service perspective of the County Council, with the commercial approach of SCAPE, opening up the exciting prospect of winning new contracts for public sector work and to grow a successful business for the future.It is a tremendous opportunity to build on our proud legacy of providing Nottinghamshire residents with outstanding public buildings, from schools and libraries to bus stations and day centres. I am extremely excited to see what this new partnership can achieve.”

About Arc Partnership

Arc Partnership is a Joint Venture between Nottinghamshire County Council and SCAPE, formed to deliver the authority’s capital programme for its property portfolio through a multidisciplinary design and project management practice which will also deliver planned maintenance and manage the reactive repairs and servicing frameworks.

This partnership has been forged to deliver efficiencies in procurement and the ongoing management of the public estate, with the goal of achieving continuous improvement of public assets for the benefit of the local community.