Our 10 year commitment

We consider ourselves to be incredibly privileged; to have helped the public sector deliver significant efficiencies and socio-economic impact for local communities across the United Kingdom, is something that we are intensely proud of.

We started our journey with a focused set of services, but these services were coupled with a huge amount of ambition from our team and, importantly, our shareholders.

Over the last decade, the public sector has responded favourably to our offer and, in this time, we have remained committed to expanding our capabilities with the aim of providing additional layers of support to address the challenges that our colleagues face.

Today we operate a suite of frameworks that serves the entire lifecycle of the built environment along with the exciting and fresh Lungfish Architects and Arc Partnership. In 2015, we also launched a social investment fund which is due to return £360,000 to worthwhile community projects this year.

Our partners across the country are working on over 1,400 live projects, including a broad mix of design, construction and facilities management projects, key infrastructure developments and a wide range of consultancy commissions. Each of these projects are delivered with a collaborative mindset, aiming to engage early with our clients, identifying key paths to success and mitigating risks as early as we can.

Operating to this scale is a huge responsibility and in order to ensure that SCAPE and our partners deliver a consistent level of quality, we have expanded from a team of six to 130, with a diverse range of skills and experience to support excellence of delivery.

Matt Carrington-Moore, SCAPE

Every member of the team is committed to delivering our vision to help and support the public sector and, over this period, through defined performance management processes, we have measured everything.

In order to thank our clients and our teams for their continued support, we have produced a short video to highlight the scale of the environmental, social and economic impact we have achieved together.

Looking to the next 10 years, we are committed to continuing our support for the public sector in these challenging times.

Our Top 10 goals for the next decade

  1. Provide greater levels of support to local government in developing more collaborative joint ventures, such as Arc Partnership, to help drive further efficiency and operational effectiveness.
  2. Support the devolution agenda, including the Northern Powerhouse and the Midlands Engine, by helping to deliver the assets and infrastructure needed to support the economic development of these regions.
  3. To work with the public sector to help it meet the demands of the UK population, which is set to increase by 4.4 million in the next decade, before reaching 70 million in 2027.
  4. Provide capabilities in addressing the school place and housing shortage.
  5. Continue to develop relationships with central government departments, the EFA, Crown Commercial Services, Highways England and the LEP Network.
  6. Extend procurement best practice from the public sector to public private partnerships.
  7. Continue to innovate in and shift perceptions of standardised design.
  8. Offer support to elected regional mayors following the reorganisation of local government.
  9. Provide support to Government in delivering its investment commitment of over £100 billion in infrastructure by 2020-21.
  10. Commit to continually evolving our service offering, in line with client need and ensuring best value, through local social and economic outcomes.

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