Rough sleeping: Getting our people off the streets

Through SCAPE’s fantastic Charity of the Year programme, almost £15,000 was raised for Framework. This has made a substantial contribution to what is a significant fundraising target and has made a real contribution to our 'Off the Streets' campaign.

Framework have become increasingly concerned as levels of rough sleeping continue to rise, with the figures in Nottingham being the highest in twenty years. This is a rough sleeping crisis that is affecting every major city in the country including Nottingham where our Outreach Team is finding more than 30 people on the streets every night. We also recognise that rough sleeping is a growing concern in the areas of the county where there is no coordinated outreach work to offer direct support to homeless people.

Framework has three core values; Respond, Respect and Empower and it is the growing number of rough sleepers who we are responding to. Framework aim to raise £230,000 in our ‘Off the Streets’ campaign, which will not only enhance our Outreach Team in Nottingham City but also allow us to implement another support team based in Mansfield.

The Outreach Team begin their day at 5am locating rough sleepers throughout the city centre, offering direct support and assistance to those in need. Framework works with individuals to help them reconnect with family and supports them during their transition into temporary accommodation, or other alternative housing. Much of the work and interaction that comes through the Outreach Team is through building trust; that is why even on occasions where a rough sleeper may not initially engage our support, the Outreach Team will persistently try to connect with them and build a rapport.

Rough sleeping is not only dangerous but also isolating and frightening, and with this consideration the Outreach Team work hard to build relationships.

A vital tool to the Outreach Team is the free rough sleepers’ hotline number: 0800 066 5356.This is a free of charge helpline for members of the public to contact our Outreach Team directly if they are concerned about somebody rough sleeping and can also be used by rough sleepers who would like to ask for help.

Have you ever wondered how your donations help those who are truly in need? You may be surprised to learn that even a few pounds is enough to buy essential items and pay for services that could mean the difference between life and death for a vulnerable person.

  • £5 will enable five calls to the rough sleeper's hotline to be answered
  • £10 will cover travel expenses for an individual to reach an essential appointment such as; health care, housing or employment.
  • £20 will heat a home in crisis
  • £50 will provide a pack of essential furniture items
  • £100 will facilitate a three-hour outreach session for up to 20 rough sleepers
Jess Powell SK Written by:

Jess Powell

Corporate Fundraising Coordinator, Framework