Protecting the community in Dundee

BB Flood Defence Scheme

Through our National Civil Engineering and Infrastructure framework, Balfour Beatty recently completed a £6.5 million Dundee flood protection scheme on behalf of Dundee City Council.

The project will significantly reduce the risk of flooding to the new £1 billion Dundee Waterfront area and protect numerous homes, community facilities and major roads between Camperdown Dock and Dundee Airport.

A new, set-back flood defence wall and flood gates that facilitate pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle access were installed, both using a variety of materials including reinforced concrete and natural stone.

Disruption to the local community and visitors to the area was minimised using specialist fencing to segregate the works and maintain public right-of-way.

Iain Lumsden, Managing Director of Balfour Beatty’s North Scotland Delivery Unit, said: "The local community and visitors to the new Dundee Waterfront area can now fully experience the extensive benefits of the scheme, which will protect numerous nearby properties and roads from the risk of flooding."

Effectively managing our coast through flood protection schemes is vital. The important work that has been carried out in Dundee, will reduce the risk of flooding to houses, businesses and key infrastructure. Over the last 20 years Dundee’s waterfront has been transformed, with the local community benefitting from new shops, restaurants and museums, this project is an important step in securing the area’s future.

Victoria Brambini, Managing Director of SCAPE Procure

Creating social value is an integral part of all our frameworks, and the large number of apprentice hours logged on this project will have been invaluable and contributed to upskilling the local workforce. Onsite experience plays a key role in supporting young people to develop vital skills and futureproofing the construction industry through the development of a diverse talent pool, equipped to deliver future projects.

Through SCAPE’s framework, we have worked closely with Dundee City Council to make a real and sustainable contribution to the local economy, including the delivery of over 600 apprentice hours through the Angus Shared Apprentice Programme.

Iain Lumsden, Managing Director of Balfour Beatty’s North Scotland Delivery Unit

Mark Flynn deputy convener of Dundee City Council's city development committee said: "The Dundee flood protection scheme has been a significant piece of work which has created greater piece of mind for residents and business potentially at risk of higher water levels in the future.

"The project has been delivered effectively and efficiently and has had lots of positive comments from people saying that it has enhanced some of the waterfront walks."