Creating a sustainable future

Partner meeting Sustainability 03 In front of mural

The diverse mix of attendees worked together to discuss sustainability in construction and the key themes from the event. It was a thoroughly engaging discussion which covered subjects including procurement, project management, design and delivery, as well as whole lifecycle considerations.

The debate then progressed to the future. The team explored a variety of themes and actions that we should all embrace, both as individual organisations and as an industry, to reduce waste and carbon.

Once thing is certain; there is a clear appetite and commitment to doing things differently for the benefit of future generations.

The panel of attendees, which included local authorities, contractors and supply chain partners also discussed the possibilities for carbon and waste reduction through public sector frameworks.A subject that is very close to our hearts.

Take a look at some of the key insights from the session:

Download 'Key Findings' graphic

We’ll be sharing more about these insights and what we will be doing with them in the future.

As an organisation, we remain committed to playing our part in helping the industry shift gears on this important subject.

Working hand in glove with our delivery partners and with a shared vision, we can continue to reduce project waste and our collective carbon footprint, permanently.