Our partnership with Investors in Community

Giving back to the community is a huge part of SCAPE, and everything we do is about engaging, enhancing and protecting the people and the spaces around us.

As an organisation that shares these values, we have partnered with Investors in Community and are using the platform to record, measure and celebrate our individual and collective giving - Whether that's time volunteered, funds raised or donations made to good causes.

We are proud that our employees are community-minded and passionate about getting involved and it is our hope that this platform will help staff find and connect with local projects that interest them.

How charities can get involved

Each year, we choose charities to support, and this year we have selected Motor Neurone Disease Association and Teenage Cancer Trust. Both charities have been set up on the Investors in Community platform, and have the opportunity to create an engaging profile and share projects they are currently working on, which our staff - and others on the platform - might want to get involved with.

There is no charge to them for registering, accessing or posting their own fundraising projects or any fees deducted from the donations they receive, so they are not a penny out of pocket and we are safe in the knowledge that 100% of the funds we raise will go directly to the charities, at a time when the people who depend upon them, really need it.

I just wanted to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to the team at SCAPE for choosing to support Teenage Cancer Trust, not only will you be raising vital funds but you will be raising much needed awareness about our work and the young people who benefit from our services.

Laura Woodcock
Head of community relationships - central, Teenage Cancer Trust

What the platform enables us to do

We know that many of our employees already give their time or funds to good causes. Investors in Community will provide us with a centralised space to record and report on all our charitable and community activities in one place, making it easier for us to see the combined impact we are helping to have on the community around us.

At an individual level, it will enable our employees to search for, find and get involved in a variety of projects – Whether that’s local tree planting, or donating money, time or skills to a project close to their heart. They can also help these good causes to register on the platform, and boost engagement with their projects.

Staff contributions to registered projects within and outside of work time can be recorded and community credits earned along the way. At an organisational level, this then enables us to see the total number of community credits generated by our employees, and capture the support that is provided across the team.

As we expect to see a significant reduction in our income, without companies like SCAPE coming forward to support us now we would struggle. Thank you for wanting to help. Your financial support will be used where it is needed most, at the front line of the battle against MND.

Richard Shackleford
Regional fundraiser, Motor Neurone Disease Association

We are committed to supporting our staff with volunteering and community activities, and exploring these possibilities with our charity partners. We are also looking forward to our framework delivery partners joining us on Investors in Community in the future, to increase the impact of our community investment together.

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