SCAPE Group Chief Executive joins Build UK Board of Directors

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Build UK recently appointed SCAPE Group's Chief Executive Mark Robinson to its Board of Directors, joining as their first Client member, following the agreement by the wider Board at their Annual General Meeting in September 2023.

Mark will be part of an influential group of leaders from across the supply chain, whose input and strategic insight help to create a strong, united voice for the sector, develop solutions to industry-wide challenges and accelerate the pace of change for construction.

Mark Robinson’s 34-year career in the public sector enables him to draw from considerable experience in construction operations right through to strategic transformation and leadership. In fact, he was one of the sector’s youngest chief executives at the age of 32, and continues to inspire his peers and colleagues.

His leadership of SCAPE Group, and particularly SCAPE Scotland, has been critical to its growth and the development of strong working relationships with networks of clients, partners and suppliers. We are certain that his role on the Build UK Board will help to further improve public procurement for everyone.

I am proud to have joined Build UK's Board of Directors, and the opportunity to provide strategic guidance on the positive changes needed in the built environment to futureproof and improve it.

Mark Robinson, SCAPE Group
Group Chief Executive

SCAPE Scotland has worked closely with Build UK and its members for several years, and playing a role in the development and implementation of the Common Assessment Standard.

What is the Common Assessment Standard?

  • The Common Assessment Standard is an accreditation for construction sector contractors and supply chain partners, which evidences their compliance beyond basic SSIP accreditation, which can sometimes be too light-touch for some government contracts.
  • The standard simplifies the Pre-Qualification (PQQ) Process and increases SME engagement opportunities, while improving efficiency, standards and risk management in construction projects.
  • Supported by Build UK and CECA, the Common Assessment Standard reviews 13 key areas of risk management and requires organisations to demonstrate robust processes in areas such as health and safety, environmental impact and quality assurance, among others.

SCAPE was the first UK framework provider to adopt the Common Assessment Standard, giving our public sector clients further reassurance that they will get consistent, high-quality supply chain partners working on their projects as part of our commitment to continuous improvement. SCAPE Scotland is currently working with more than 35 public sector clients and has 200 live projects in Scotland.

Mark Robinson's role on the Build UK board further strengthens our partnership with the organisation and its members, and will provide more opportunities to share knowledge, best practice and insight with the wider board of directors.

Our organisations have a shared commitment to driving positive change so that clients, communities and residents receive the highest standards of operation and delivery that they deserve.

I’m delighted to welcome Mark Robinson as our first Client member to sit on the Build UK Board. We know we make much more progress if we bring the whole supply chain together to transform the sector, and I look forward to working with him as we capitalise on the depth and breadth of our membership to provide a strong collective voice for construction.

Suzannah Nichol MBE
Build UK Chief Executive