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Construction Industry Tracker (Regional Edition) – October 2015

Research issued: 30/10/2015

The Regional Construction Industry Tracker looks at construction output across Great Britain’s eleven regions over the past 12 months.

The government has given strong backing to further devolution, and has promised to ensure that economic growth is spread across the whole of the country, with the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ a core focus. TheTracker looks at the detail of which regions are performing better in each sector, and where the construction industry is picking up the most work.

This research lifts the lid on the hidden regional growth story. But the construction industry faces several key issues in the year ahead, which must be tackled head on if we are to maximise output. We have a severe skills shortage and an ageing workforce, and without more skilled professionals and better training, projects will increasingly face delays and capacity issues.

Mark Robinson, Group chief executive

The Tracker looks at the following:

1. A regional breakdown of total UK construction output
2. A comparison of growth between regions
3. The private sector
4. The public sector
5. New housing
6. Public vs Private housing
7. Infrastructure
8. Repairs and maintenance