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Digging Deep for Growth - Bridging the Infrastructure Gap

Research issued: 04/02/2019

How bridging the infrastructure gap by increasing connectivity in key cites will help ensure the UK remains competitive and attracts investment.

SCAPE polled 2,000 adults living across the UK about their attitudes towards large infrastructure projects.

Less than a quarter (24 per cent) said they thought Britain’s economy would benefit from £140bn being spent on two bridges, as suggested by Boris Johnson MP. In this report, we recommend an alternative path for this investment, that will improve our national infrastructure in key cities across the UK.

The UK needs robust investment to drive business growth, create jobs and a support our society for years to come. It is time for a step change in the provision of the UK’s infrastructure and skills to enable growth.

Mark Robinson, SCAPE chief executive

Improving the mass transit systems in the UK as one example, would equip our regions with robust, reliable public transport networks will help encourage local growth, boost productivity and truly equip the UK to be fighting fit for the future.