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The Challenge

There is an increased sense of determination across Government departments, to upgrade outdated assets and infrastructure. The requirement for public sector purchasing authorities to comply with public procurement regulations make this process ever more challenging to achieve critical in service dates, particularly with a diminishing pool of in-house procurement expertise. This is compounded by the ever increasing threat of legal challenge, following the introduction of the Remedies Directive, resulting in many purchasing authorities spending considerable sums on legal advice to satisfy both departmental and wider government scrutiny.

Our Solution

We help teams across all government sectors to fast track construction, consultancy and civil engineering projects via our suite of direct-award frameworks. We are also adept at supporting the political discussion in relation to these projects, arming you with the insight and intelligence to secure a positive outcome for your business case.

Our delivery partners have offices across the entirety of the UK and they are fully equipped to deliver projects of any size or scope.

They are also supported by an extensive local supply chain and will provide wider community enrichment activities as a part of your project. What's more, we will monitor your project in real time to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that you equipped to demonstrate value for money, tangible efficiencies and additional socioeconomic impact.

Due to the nature of these projects, case study information is limited but please speak with a member of the team for more information.

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