The challenge

At present, the UK builds only half the number of homes needed each year. It is predicted that the country will see a deficit of up to two million homes by 2020 if the situation remains constant. Current government estimates are that we need to build between 200,000 and 220,000 new homes every year by 2020. In addition, we need to ensure that the existing residential housing stock is properly maintained and that empty dwellings are brought back into use.

Our solution

SCAPE and our framework partners are fully able support the needs of Councils, ALMOs, and Housing Associations in the delivery of affordable, contemporary residential housing. This is the case whether the need is for investment, design, project management, asset management, construction, maintenance and renewal of the places in which our communities reside.

We are really pleased with how the Doncaster build programme is progressing. The workmanship is excellent and the dedicated team is great to work with.

Charlotte Johnson
Housing Programme Manager - Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council

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