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Working with us


SCAPE are committed to ensuring that our clients receive a first-class experience on every project.

In order to deliver a superior procurement experience, we include a management fee within each project commissioned through our frameworks which, in turn, is invested in the active management of our frameworks and the ongoing development of our internal systems, processes and resources.

Delivery partners include this levy in their charges. These are either listed as project items, an element of service rates, or overhead and profit rates. These fees are used for:

1. The day to day running of SCAPE

This includes premises and all operational costs attached to running the organisation, such as staffing costs and pensions, IT infrastructure and client support materials.

2. Managing the frameworks

Delivering a successful project requires having the right team in place to make it happen.

Our frameworks are fully managed by our framework and performance management teams, who ensure that your project is being delivered to the highest possible standard. They are supported by a governance process that is recognised across the UK, as an exemplar in the industry.

In addition to these dedicated teams, we employ a UK-wide network of relationship managers who are on hand to support you at a local level. Their role involves the monitoring of local delivery teams, ensuring that effective collaboration takes place between you and each delivery partner, to enable a smooth procurement journey and the best possible project outcomes.

We have also created a series of systems that support you as you deliver your project with us, including DocuSign, a digital tool for rapid contract exchange, speeding up your programme delivery time from day one. Clients also have access to the MySCAPE digital project companion, a secure data lake to ensuring that project information always remain protected and several data visualisation tools to help evidence the local economic impact and social impact of projects.

Learn more about our support structures here.

3. Optimising performance

As a fully managed framework operator, we must ensure that our partners continue to deliver on their promises. Our management teams continually monitor project and delivery partner performance against the framework commitments through:

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • A rigorous audit process
  • An ongoing risk management process
  • Driving project performance and social value

4. Re-procuring the frameworks

A framework can cost in the region of £250,000 to procure and typically, are operational for a four-year period. At the end of this four-year period, they are reviewed and re-procured in a new format to reflect current market conditions and public sector objectives.

We also review our framework portfolio on an annual basis to assess whether any improvements can be made, or whether additional services and solutions can be created to support the public sector.

SCAPE independently finances each framework procurement without any certainty of return.

5. Investing in new products and services to drive further efficiencies

We are dedicated to exploring ways to help our clients address the challenges they face, such as pressing timescales and tight budgets, in delivering efficient procurement solutions.

Therefore, a proportion of our fee is directed towards new product development. For example, we have invested significantly into researching offsite construction techniques to deliver effective design solutions which support our partners and clients to deliver high-quality, permanent buildings at a lower cost and a more rapid timescale than a traditionally constructed project.

We are also looking to expand our presentation of KPIs to an online interface, allowing this data to be available to all clients across all frameworks.

6. Investing in the community

SCAPE’s long-term vision is to benefit the communities of our clients. Whether this is through the social value delivered on every project, providing careers guidance and digital work experience opportunities for children throughout the UK or continual support for charities and social enterprises, we are proud to work in partnership with our clients and delivery partners to ensure our that projects deliver significant socioeconomic benefits. You can learn more about how we deliver social value here.

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