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Our Frameworks

As a public sector organisation, our vision is the same as yours.

As local government representatives, we make this promise to you:

Our suite of actively managed construction, consultancy and civil engineering frameworks are designed to accelerate your projects, whilst embedding compliance, efficiency and social value from the very start. With advanced performance, environmental and local engagement standards, we ensure that project delivery will surpass industry benchmarks and leave a legacy for your community.

Your chosen delivery partners have evidenced superior capability. With a commitment to collaboration, ethical SME engagement and securing value for money, you will have a no surprises journey. Our local teams and in-house experts will also be there to support you every step of the way, giving you a rewarding procurement experience.

As public sector professionals, we will work with you in partnership, to help achieve the best results for your estate.

Together, we can build great things.

Tell us about your project

Customise your options with SCAPE. Tell us about your project and we’ll do the hard work to find the framework(s) that can support your project.

Our delivery partners

How is your project funded?

We offer a responsible procurement pathway for different types of organisations and funding sources. Our team are here to help you find your procurement pathway.

Get your project started today

We’re ready to help you deliver speed, efficiency and value. To use any of our frameworks, a simple form called an Access Agreement needs to be signed. Or if you need any more support contact us.

Your framework toolkit

We can support you at every stage of your procure journey, from finding a framework to our access agreements or viewing our live procurement projects.

Framework finder

Live Procurement Portal

Keep up to date with our live and upcoming procurement activities, attend a forthcoming market awareness event and download important documents here.

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Regional Contact - Scotland

Angela Gray

Business Manager, SCAPE Scotland
07973 622 478

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