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Carbon Reduction Plan

Our commitment to reducing carbon:

We have set out clear roles and responsibilities within our business to ensure progress is made in line with expectations, and that we are accountable to our local government owners and the communities we serve.

We will support staff engagement at every step, and provide communication that enables informed choices and a business-wide change in our culture, because we understand that small changes make a big difference.

This Carbon Reduction Plan identifies our verified carbon footprint. It sets out science-based targets and an investable action plan that seeks to deliver emission reductions of 63% at source by 2030.

Key targets

By 2024:

  • reduce emissions by 36 tCO2e
  • reduce emissions by 10%

By 2028:

  • halve our emissions and secure net zero status
  • review and resolve our policy on offsetting and publish any investment made

By 2030:

  • reduce emissions by 63%

Download our Carbon Reduction Plan: