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Construction - Value for money

We offer value for money construction solutions through a family of dedicated frameworks.

Our suite is unique, offering immediate access to industry leading companies across the entire asset cycle. As a result, value is secured immediately, avoiding the time and cost associated with participating in a project-specific tender or mini competition process, to both clients and partners.

This means that developmental spend is maximised and resources can be released to focus on project delivery.

Competitively Tendered

Each construction framework project is 100% market tested. This harnesses the buying power of the cumulative framework value, with point-of-delivery market testing.

The construction frameworks were competitively tendered for a direct award, to fix core staff, site set-up costs, and the overheads and profits elements of every project.

The sum of these inputs typically account for up to 10% of project costs. With overhead and profit rates fixed for the framework term, clients receive protection from rising market forces.

The remaining 90% of project costs are sub-contracted work packages that are locally tendered, open book, to a managed supply chain. You can expect to see three quotes for all works packages as standard.

This ensures that competitive tensions are maintained, through effective price benchmarking and cost targeting to achieve value for money.

In addition, you can be involved in the selection of the supply chain, to define and set their own procurement strategy.

Early Contractor Involvement

Early contractor involvement on brief development, budget costing, project programming and buildability is provided at feasibility stage, at no cost.

Our frameworks are designed to deliver a ‘no surprises’ journey – the resulting value of this early engagement is significant, and critical, to shaping the success of a project. Risk is identified early, options are considered and mitigation strategies are jointly agreed.

In addition, key decisions are often already made when undertaking a competitive selection process and may have to be revisited, following the appointment of a contractor, with subsequent impact on budget and programme; this is avoided through early engagement.

Continuous Improvement

Direct award frameworks provide for continuity of personnel across repeat projects and programmes of work, enabling lessons learnt and continuous improvement to be captured and applied.

The long-term relationships that underpin our frameworks make substantial strategic investments possible, to innovate and address your changing needs.

Cumulative Value

The cumulative values of each of our frameworks mean that they are an influential element in the business plans of our delivery partners.

This enables our partners to invest in dedicated national management teams which bring continued efficiency, improvement and innovation.

Tell us about your project

Customise your options with SCAPE. Tell us about your project and we’ll do the hard work to find the framework(s) that can support your project.